Among those who have an interest

in the accordion,

these are questions that are

frequently asked

When was the accordion invented? What do all accordions have in common?

How are accordions different?

What are advantages of playing the accordion? What are disadvantages of playing the accordion?

How is tone color changed on the accordion?

How much does an accordion cost?

How does the accordion work?

What are the buttons for?

Do accordions grow in value over time?

Where can one buy an accordion?

Where can one sell an accordion and what is it worth?

What special skills are needed to play the accordion?


How does one learn to play the accordion?

How long does it take to become proficient?


What types of music can be played on the accordion?

What are the differences among transcriptions, arrangements and original compositions?

Have classical composers written music for the accordion?

How have electronics and evolving technology been adapted to the accordion?

What is a digital accordion?

What would have happened if . . . .?




Utube video: Beyond the Bellows

This website exists to provide general information to those interested in the accordion. It does not purport to answer all questions nor provide all historical facts related to the instrument. Interested viewers are encouraged to surf the Internet to obtain additional information as their needs and interests dictate. Those readers who wish to have their accordion website linked to this one may contact James P. O'Brien at the address given below.



Posted January 4, 2013

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