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Up Next at the Joseph Gross Gallery: Rachel Bess: The Painting Process
Exhibition Dates: May 20 – Sept 2, 2016 | Reception Date: Sept 1, 5:00 - 6:30 pm

The Realization that Time Cannot be Persuaded, 10" X6", oil on panel, 2016. Courtesy of the Artist and Lisa Sette Gallery














The Joseph Gross is proud to present Rachel Bess: The Painting Process, an insightful exhibition that presents the multiple steps in the artist’s creative practice to produce work. The exhibition is an educational vehicle to show how traditional oil paintings come to fruition.

Bess utilizes reference drawings, color studies, or simply works off a set of words as the initial starting point of inspiration for her paintings. The practice of photographing

these visions is collaborative; Bess allows the model to work within her parameters to come to a final pose and mood. The artist employs long-established methods of image making, drawing, underpainting, overpainting, and meticulous glazing, to create her final renderings. In this fashion, Bess has the control to balance all aspects of the surface to create moving works. She evaluates form, value and color in a manner where luminosity enlivens the surface of her works.

Rachel Bess received her Bachelor of Fine Arts from Arizona State University. Her works have been exhibited nationally at the Phoenix Art Museum, Phoenix, Arizona; Copro Gallery, Santa Monica, California; and Last Rites Gallery, New York. Bess is represented by Lisa Sette Gallery, Phoenix, Arizona.