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Make sure that you fill out all the information requested on the following form. Incomplete information could result in a delay in your form being processed. Please print 3 complete copies of the completed online form. If you are submitting a form request for free studio time (class assignment) have the Professor sign the form in the space provided. Sign & submit the completed forms to the main office of the School of Music. In 2-3 working days you may pick up your approved form from the Music office and schedule your session with Wiley in Rm 57 (basement of the Music Building). You can email Wiley Ross at ross@email.arizona.edu if you have questions.

Please read the following policies before proceeding.

  1. Recordings made at the University of Arizona facility shall not be licensed or sold.
  2. Studio time will be scheduled according to available time only upon receipt of the completed request form signed by the director of the recording studio.
  3. Studio will be subject to cancellation and/or rescheduling as needed by the staff, engineer or director.
  4. Students and faculty will receive only the scheduled time approved by the director.
  5. Studio time cancellations must be made 48 hours in advance of the scheduled time or a new form must be completed and resubmitted for approval.
  6. The studio will offer the sale of two CD's. Other copies must be made elsewhere.
  7. The digital multi-track files (if used) are not for sale. It will be erased and reused after mixing.
  8. Recordings will be kept for a period of two weeks after compleation of the project and after which are subject to erasure.
  9. Only CDR's & tapes made by approved manufacturers will be used in the studio.
  10. CDR sales are final.
  11. The studio will be operated only by the staff engineer or by a qualified person approved by the staff engineer.
  12. Hours are not cumulative for more than one semester !
By continuing, you acknowledge that you have read and understand the preceeding policies and agree to comply with them.


Preparing for a Session