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Bonnie Bordner is a native of North Carolina and is currently pursuing her
degree in art and visual culture education at the University of Arizona. Her artistic
strengths are in 2-D arts including painting and mixed media collage. She believes
that art can serve many purposes and one that is dear to her is art as a form of
therapy. She looks forward to expanding the definition of art with students2016 Instructor Bio’s Coming Soon!2016

2016 Wildcat Art Teachers:

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Sarah Carton received her Associate Degree in Professional Photography from Colorado Mountain College before enrolling at The University of Arizona. She is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) degree in Art & Visual Culture Education (Honors), Teaching Certification. Sarah’s life-long passion for teaching and caring for children has resulted in her current research interests which focuses on early childhood learning and artistic processes. Sarah is currently researching and writing her honors thesis with a focus on child-directed intergenerational artmaking, where she is working with both children in early childhood and their adult caregivers as they create artworks collaboratively. Professionally, Sarah has worked with elementary aged children for most of her life, from her years spent as a ski instructor, a Pre-school Teacher and a private nanny. Outside of school and work, Sarah’s biggest passions are spending time with her family and being outdoors as much as possible!

Sibel Duzenli is a master’s student in the University of Arizona’s department of Art and Visual Culture Education. She completed a BA in Visual Arts (with an emphasis in printmaking) at Emily Carr University of Art and Design in Vancouver, BC. One of her most formative years was spent studying abroad at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, where her knowledge of printmaking and engagement with its community continued to develop. She has a variety of teaching experiences, ranging from running a drop-in art class for adults with mental health challenges, and (more recently) running art workshops at Tucson’s Boys and Girls Club. Sibel is interested in understanding how students and teachers can move toward more artful ways of interacting with knowledge, as well as how we all might find more socially equitable and personally gratifying ways to pursue our creative practices.

Hannah Froehlich is an undergraduate student at the University of Arizona, who is earning her BA in Art and Visual Culture Education with an emphasis in teaching. Hannah hopes to one day become a high school art teacher, preferably at a private institution where she can incorporate faith in her curriculum. Currently, she is finishing up her last few semesters, and is exciting to start student teaching in Fall of 2017. Hannah was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona and was a dancer of 16 years before she ever explored in the art room. She found her true passion for art in early middle school and carried out her talents all through high school and into her college years. Besides art, she loves to cook and comes from a very large Italian family. She enjoys doing anything that challenges her mind, body, and spirit.

Katy Galaz is a native Tucsonan and comes from a large family of educators. She is working on a BFA in Arts and Visual Culture Education (AVCE) at the University of Arizona College of Fine Arts. She has an emphasis in 2-D art practices, and loves printmaking. Through her studies in the AVCE department Katy has found an affinity for student-centered learning approaches. Katy envisions her position in the classroom as multidimensional; she believes that establishing a reciprocal student-teacher relationship is crucial for the empowerment of children. She believes that this sort of environment will help students find identity and meaning through the production and consumption of art in the postmodern world. Aside from her passion for art education Katy loves pizza, playing the bass guitar, cooking for her family and swimming.

Mallory Shibe is an undergrad student at the University of Arizona, who is pursuing a dual Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree with an emphasis in Photography and Art Education. She grew up in, and currently lives in Tucson, Arizona. Around 10 years ago, she picked up a camera and has been fascinated with the concept of being able capture moments that have made an impact on her. Photography is her calling, her profession, and her favorite pastime. Mallory is a photographer and image editor for the University of Arizona Bookstore. She is passionate, detail-oriented, and caring about everything she does. As a photographic artist, Mallory’s photographs have appeared in numerous publications, including most notably the Arizona Daily Star and Arizona Highways Magazine, and she has participated in several local art exhibitions. Mallory Shibe currently is pursuing her degree in Art Education and Photography because she wants to be able to meaningfully teach and inspire others with her love of art and photography.

2016 Wildcat Art Co-Directors:

Shana Cinquemani is a doctoral candidate in the Division of Art and Visual Culture Education at The University of Arizona, with a minor in Early Childhood Education. She received her BA in Photography from Bard College, and her MA in Art and Visual Culture Education (with a focus on community and museum education) from the University of Arizona. Shana has worked as a museum educator, a preschool teaching assistant, as well as an elementary and middle school art teacher. Currently, she teaches undergraduate courses at the University of Arizona, specifically in contemporary theories of children’s art, foundations of art education, and teaching art & visual culture. Shana’s current doctoral research is grounded in the conceptualization of children’s art as a meaningful socio-cultural practice, theories of early childhood art education, connections between young children’s art and play, as well as in exploring how power and authority manifest themselves (and can be challenged) within the art classroom.

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