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Bonnie Bordner is a native of North Carolina and is currently pursuing her
degree in art and visual culture education at the University of Arizona. Her artistic
strengths are in 2-D arts including painting and mixed media collage. She believes
that art can serve many purposes and one that is dear to her is art as a form of
therapy. She looks forward to expanding the definition of art with students!

WCA teachers 2014

Amanda Schraufnagel is from Phoenix, Arizona and is currently a junior at The University of Arizona. Amanda came to college in hopes of pursuing a degree in visual communications but ultimately changed her major to pursue one of her greatest dreams, art education. While she enjoys bettering her working knowledge of graphic design and photography, Amanda simply enjoys creating and discovering the possibilities that the world of art has to offer. Helping young artists discover their own sense of creativity is what excites Amanda the most about her future as an art educator.

Ariana Speranza is an Art Education BFA studying at the University of Arizona preparing to teach in K-12 schools. She was born here in Tucson and spent many years in Rochester, New York where her family lives. Ariana’s experience with art began in the form of music, specifically Classical Choral Performance. She expanded her understanding of meaning through visual arts during her second year of college and has been captivated by many media throughout her education. Her own work is developing an emphasis on two-dimensional studies. Outside of school, Ariana works in a nursery (with babies, not plants), although she grows many indoor and outdoor plants as well. Ariana enjoys taking her two dogs, Lucy and Snowball for hikes in the desert.

Asha Greyeyes is a Art and Visual Art Education student at the University of Arizona. She grew up on the Navajo Reservation and calls three places there home. Her and her family come from Monument Valley, a beautiful place of sand, bushes, and huge rocks. She loves going to the movies for the theatre experience and spending time with her family She has no preference in art and tries to delve into each medium to explore and experiment with them. She hopes to return to the reservation to teach art in schools or in the community.

Belal Jammal holds a master’s degree in education from the Lebanese American University and is currently pursuing his PhD in Art History and Education at the University of Arizona. As a media artist, Belal specializes in photography and film. His work has been displayed in international film festivals and exhibitions. He enjoys teaching visual culture at the University of Arizona where focuses on continuously refining himself and his craft in hopes of developing creative and constructivist learning environments. His current research focuses on the role of art in conceptual and personal development.

Cailey Kleiner is a junior pursuing her BFA in Art and Visual Culture Education from the University of Arizona. She was born and raised in the Phoenix suburb of Mesa, Arizona. Her passion and experience in art are in photography, both traditional film and digital formats. She wants to allow others to find their place through art just as she did. When she is not engaged with academic pursuits, she likes to spend time with her family and curl up with a good book.

Carla Prinster has worked as a studio potter for the past 28 years with experience teaching elementary, adult and college students. Her skill as a potter was initially acquired during a fellowship in Japan while working and living amongst a community of potters in the south island mountains of Koishiwara. After completing a Masters degree in Fine Arts, Carla developed a personal style by incorporating and modernizing traditional techniques of the folk potters she admired. Over the years Carla has broken away from the standards of production pottery and maintained a unique flair with design concentrating on one of a kind pieces. Most recently, Carla’s work was accepted into the juried exhibit “Beyond The Brickyard” at Archie Bray Foundation in Helena, Montana. She was one of thirty-five ceramic artists selected from over two-hundred submissions and is honored to be part of such a prestigious show opening February 1, 2014. Carla’s feels that her best works of art are her three grown boys who are all in college.

Connor Cleland was born and raised in the Phoenix Metropolitan area. He is currently seeking two BFA’s in Photography and Art and Visual Culture Education. He enjoys experimenting with photography and graphic design. His interest in teaching the arts all began in his high school photography class when he had the opportunity to tutor some of his fellow classmates and he plans to go back and teach high school photography for his career.

Born and raised in the beautiful city of Tucson Arizona, Denise Fuentes is in her senior year at the University of Arizona. She is majoring in Art Education and wanting to teach elementary; she loves the imagination and creativity that the younger ones contain. Her artistic strengths are all over, she loves learning about new mediums. She enjoys painting, ceramics, photography and sculpting. She enjoys the time that she can spend with her family, friends and her handsome dog, Filo. She loves doodling and listening to music, helps the creative muscles stay fresh. She wants to teach art to show students that it is more than just painting a picture, but what the meaning can convey. To get younger students inspired by art and to have them carry that feeling with them throughout their lives.

Erin Weber is a Senior BFA student in the Art and Visual Culture Education Department at the University of Arizona. She works with mainly 3D materials such as wood, metal and clay. Erin is interested in pursuing a career in art education, focusing on art as an invaluable form of communication. She also hopes to investigate the use of human forms in art and society as well as the relationship between perception and reality. She is originally from Scottsdale, Arizona and enjoys exploring new cities, countries, cultures, and foods. She loves working with her hands, reading entrancing stories, and catching up with her twin sister.

Joanna Cardenas is a senior on her way to finish her BFA in Art & Visual Culture Education. She comes from a small Hispanic-rich town named San Luis, AZ. Her strength is combined media and highly encourages everyone to experience a portion of everything in art. She plans to teach high school after graduation and research the artistic youth in border towns such as the one she grew up in. Her passion for art stems from the great educators she grew up with who provided her with an excellent art education experience. She believes every student should be entitled to experience the arts since they teach the important skill of creative problem-solving by thinking outside the box.

John Peterson is a senior in the Art Education program with the University of Arizona. He grew up in Los Alamos, New Mexico. He has lived in Arizona for about three years. John has worked with all sorts of art and especially enjoys painting and drawing. He hopes to begin teaching at an elementary level in the near future. He is married and parent to three fat, happy gold fish. In his free time, John likes to obsess over music and find delicious things to cook.

Jonathan Grantham is a junior at the University of Arizona and striving for a Bachelor’s degree in Art and Visual Culture Education. Being an Air Force Brat, Jonathan does not necessarily have a hometown, but considers Tucson to be home. He dabbles with most types of art but generally focuses his efforts on photography, both digital and analog. Currently his artwork is transitioning from landscape photography to abstract work. Besides art and inspiring young minds Jonathan enjoys travelling, music, snowboarding as well as being outdoors and experiencing nature.

Joseph Poore, an aspiring artist, illustrator, and educator, is currently a post-baccalaureate student at the University of Arizona seeking teaching certification. Joseph earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Visual Communications with an emphasis in Illustration from the U of A in 2010. Joe was born and raised in Tucson, Arizona. He has worked in the bar and restaurant industry for many years and is currently employed as a bartender on University Boulevard. After completing the post-baccalaureate program, he hopes to teach art at the secondary level while continuing a career in illustration.

Kelsey Wyman is a junior at the University of Arizona working on a degree in Art and Visual Culture Education. She is from Yuma, Arizona and has a pet Boston Terrier who moved to Tucson with her. She engages in all forms of art, from paintings to ceramics to theater performances. She believes that art is an idea that can be translated into any medium or form. She has been creating art for as long as she can remember and believes she gets her technical skill from her mom and her creativity from her dad. In her spare time, Kelsey enjoys watching comedies on Netflix and eating anything chocolate.

Lisa Sekulich is a master’s student at the University of Arizona studying art education. She has been involved in art education all over the world including Italy, Zambia, Guatemala, and Honolulu, Hawaii where she worked as a K-12 art instructor for a local elementary school and the Honolulu Museum of Art. She received her bachelor’s degree in Studio Art with an emphasis in painting from Gonzaga University and can’t wait to work with students at Wildcat Art!

2013 Wildcat Art Co-Instructors:

Manisha Sharma is Assistant Professor of Art and Visual Culture Education at the University of Arizona. She holds a PhD in Art Education from the Ohio State University and has studied in the USA and her home country India. Manisha has experience making and teaching art in K-12, higher education and community settings, in India, Japan, Mexico and the USA. Her research interests include developments in South Asian visual culture, and teaching art with a focus on community building and social justice Besides her work, she enjoys traveling, learning about mythologies in different cultures.

Ryan Shin, Associate Professor of Art and Visual Culture Education at the University of Arizona, received his Ph. D. in Art Education from Florida State University. His research interests include teaching art and visual culture in schools, museums, and the virtual world. He has a range of experiences of applying creative new media and art-making process to the art classroom and other non-educational settings. Ryan has taught over 20 years in K-12 schools and universities, and authored numerous articles and book chapters about teaching everyday and ethnic objects in the community. His most recent research is to explore digital game as new creative art, as well as the virtual world as new educational space.