Sustainable Art Practice

Thank you to the many families who continue to generously donate re-use materials for us! We appreciate your support and participation! We will continue to collect items throughout the semester!

In Wildcat Art 2016, we will continue with respect to the idea of Sustainable Art Practice. Making art with re-use and environmentally-friendly materials is of primary importance, and we are working diligently to create both a library of and vocabulary for re-use materials and their potentials.  We continue to invite families to contribute materials for our experiences with children.

If you have materials to contribute, please bring them to Orientation. There will be collection bins available that morning. Thank you for your participation and contributions!


  • Plastic shopping bags of all types; especially those using intriguing designs or colors
  • Paper rolls from paper towels, toilet tissue, and other paper products
  • Washed and dried styrofoam trays from deli meats, cheese, and other supermarket items
  • Cleaned and dried glass and plastic food jars with lids and labels removed (ex. peanut butter, jam, etc.)
  • Magazines of all kinds (especially National Geographic and nature magazines)
  • Old books
  • Newspapers
  • Small oatmeal canisters (for making pinhole cameras)
  • Various fabrics and textiles
  • Wire hangers

We are seeking to develop relationships with local organizations and manufacturers to divert materials for the waste stream. If you represent such an organization/corporation, please contact us for further information on this potential partnership.